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We care about youngsters: the school in Simferopol got the course book “ABC of finance – basic concepts”


Upper secondary school No. 25 in Simferopol has a true gala day today. MCC Vyruchai- Dengi presented to the upper grade pupils a study kit – course books “ABC of finance – basic concepts”.

— We as a Company and the Bank of Russia are increasingly interested in enhancing financial awareness of people especially among youngsters. We noticed that young people 24-29 years of age very often experienced difficulties in returning loans,  — tells to “Komsomolskaya Pravda – Crimea” Andrei Volokhov, Board of Directors’ Member of the Micro-financing Company Vyruchai- Dengi. – This often happens because youngsters are borrowing money being unaware how to repay money and what consequences might be in case of delayed payments ar failure to repay the loan at all.

According to the survey carried out by the micro-financing company the youngsters most often borrow money under impulse purchase.  Might just as well, what about going on a trip with friends or buy an i-Phone or go all out with friends on the weekend. I don’t care if I do! We can well afford this! – That’s what a young guy aged 23 would think. And not many of them would think about how they are going to return the borrowed money especially in case when they do not have the stable income source.

The pupils of 10 and 11 grades will learn the course of financial awareness.

— We would like to give to youngsters at least the elementary knowledge about money management that would keep theirs eyes open from the very start even during the school years. How money are working, where from one can get them, how one can make a balance decision about finance, — says Andrei Volokhov. The course book shall help the next generation to learn how to organise priorities.

The course book describes what is the capital, how to make decisions connected with money spending, how to organize home accounting, how to choose the balanced strategy to achieve financial targets. Next chapter describes in detail deposits, loans, clearing and settlement operations, insurance, investments, taxation, pension financing and also about the most widely spread financial frauds and how to avoid falling among thieves.

— The course book is written in plain language using understandable terms. Pupils of 10 and 11 grades shall be learning using this course book the school is planning to start an optional course. Each educational institution decides for itself how many lessons shall be devoted to this course, — explains Andrei Volokhov.

Apparently within the framework of the promotion action “Give text-books to a school as a present” the course book shall be presented to other schools in the Crimea. You can make the application for the course book here.

The charitable action “Give text-books to a school as a present” is held within the framework of the All-Russian Program “Days of Financial Literacy in Educational Institutions”.

The course books shall be presented to other youngsters as well.

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Among 2400 Companies working in the micro-financing sector MCC Vyruchai- Dengi is rated on the position from the 6th to 10th.

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