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Brand VD Platinum announces launching new product – loan against pledge of immovable property


Distinctive aspect and mandatory condition of this product is insurance of pledged immovable property against flood, fire, earthquake and other natural and anthropogenic disasters from damage, partial or complete destruction.

Detailed information about the loan against the pledge of immovable property:

  1. Available exclusively in the Republic of Crimea;
  2. Currency of the loan – Russian Rouble;
  3. Amount of the loan – from 100 000 to 5 000 000 RUR;
  4. Minimum term of loan repayment – 1 year;
  5. Maximum term o loan repayment – 5 years;
  6. Maximum interest rate – 44,5% annually;
  7. No advance payment, commission and other surcharges.

Requirements to the borrower:

  1. RF citizen;
  2. Private person, age – 26 to 60 years;
  3. Registration and permanent residence in the area of loan acquirement;
  4. Personal bank account for loan transfer;
  5. TIN

Necessary documents for issuing the loan:

  1. RF citizen;
  2. Passport of RF citizen;
  3. cadastral (technical) certificate;
  4. certificate of the State registration of rights for immovable property;
  5. Abstract from Unified State Register of Rights to Immovable Property and Transactions Therewith (for preliminary approval)
  6. abstract from the Unified State Register of Property Rights and Transactions Therewith up-to-transaction date;
  7. employment certificate for the last 6 months or other document confirming financial solvency of the borrower;
  8. abstract from the house register;

Additional documents for self-employed entrepreneurs:

  1. Certificate of TIPI, form 3;
  2. copy of the account book;

Application is reviewed within 2 business days

Loans against immovable property can be acquired at the following addresses:

  1. VD Platinum, Simferopol, Sevastopolskaya Street, 12.
  2. VD Platinum, Sevastopol, Gogol Street, 6.
  3. VD Platinum, Feodosia, Fed’ko Street, 87, office 20.
  4. VD Platinum, Simferopol, Kirov Street, 49B, bldg. 2.
  5. VD Platinum, Sevastopol, Lenin Street, 52.