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LC Micro-credit Company Vyruchai-Dengi (established in 2011 in the city of Bryansk) is large, ambitious, dynamic сompany in the areas of customer lending and cash loans. Vyruchai-Dengi is part of international SAD Capital Group.

Vyruchai-Dengi today is one of the most attractive companies for investors operating in micro-financing sector of the economy in Russia. We welcome commercial partners to make use of opportunities that are offered by Vyruchai-Dengi. Investment potential of the Company is driven by several factors:


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Micro-credit Company Vyruchai-Dengi today is one of the largest micro-credit intuitions in Russia. According to the report of the rating agency Expert RA (RAEX) Vyruchai-Dengi occupies 6th line in terms of volume of consumer lending portfolio among all MFI’s working in Russia (results at the end of 2016).

Ranking of MFIs in terms of amount of consumer lending to individuals as of 01.01.2017

Ranking spot 01.01.17Ranking spot 01.01.16MFI nameKey indicators 01.01.17Key indicators 01.01.16Portfolio performance growth rate for 12 months %Operating portfolio performance growth rate for 12 months %
Microloans portfolio Mln. RURIncluding microloans portfolio provided on-lineMicroloans portfolio without overdue arrears for over 90 daysNet worth capital Mln. RURMicroloans portfolio Mln. RURIncluding microloans portfolio provided on-lineMicroloans portfolio without overdue arrears for over 90 daysNet worth capital Mln. RUR
12OTP Finans17 574.9н. д.4 867.63 924.9н. д.1 283.8348н. д.7708001614
21Domashnie Dengi7 227.3н. д.2 429.36 594.92 919.3377.110н. д.7714699186
33МигКредит2 607.8395.01 727.71453,3*1 961.03.81 140.91 452.033517715825027
 55Liga Deneg760.1н. д.н. д.345.7н. д.н. д.120н. д.7702836198
714Kupi ne kopi (Former HomeKredit Express)511.62.6447.5109.552.72.724.8104.88711 7037735104496
99Stolishniy Zalogovyi Dom (Car Money)412.7395.7153.1100.272.9-11.13124437730634468
107Summit (Center of Loans)376.8222.577.4229.3149.837.164487728771940

Source: Expert RA

Over the previous 3 years (starting from June 13, 2014), Vyruchai-Dengi issued over 111 000 loans for total amount more than  2,2 billion Rubles

Growth dynamics

Vyruchai-Dengi demonstrates dynamic growth of business development:


Growth rate of loan portfolio of Vyruchai-Dengi in 2016


Growth rate of loans issued during first 5 months of 2017 in comparison to the same period of 2016


Growth of sales in July 2017 in comparison to July 2016


Growth of sales in August 2017 in comparison to August 2016


Vyruchai-Dengi possesses more than 146 locations for issuing loans in 30 cities of the country.

The Company is actively developing in the Central and Southern Districts of the Russian Federation.

  • Starting from 2017 the Company opened new branches of the company in the cities:
  • Moscow,
  • Kursk,
  • Kaluga,
  • Bryansk,
  • Belgorod,
  • Tula,
  • Lipetsk,
  • Smolensk.
  • The near-term plan is to open branch offices of the Company in:
  • Rostov-on-Don,
  • Oryol,
  • And other perspective cities in the European part of Russia.

Representative offices

  • 12, Presnenskaya Emb.,
    Complex «Federation»,
    East Tower (Moscow City),
    28th Floor
    Palác Koruna
    Václavské náměstí 1
    100 00  Praha 1
  • +7 499 700 00 86
    +420 608 877 611
  • New lines of business and products

    Vyruchai-Dengi closely monitoring the market to find the most perspective lines of business offering competitive credit products of high demand. Last year the Company introduced the new business line – general-purpose cash loans. At the middle of 2016 Vyruchai-Dengi launched the new brand for this product – VD Platinum.

    Under the brand of VD Platinum we are selling product line of cash loans with various conditions and requirements to borrowers. Loans vary in size from 30 thousand to 5 million roubles for the period from 1 to 5 years on easy terms (without guarantors and hidden charges) at a low-interest rate (in comparison to other non-bank financial institutions).

    To get the loan from Vyruchai-Dengi is much easier and quicker than from a bank – some loans are approved within 24 hours. To get the loan you do not need to provide earnings certificate. Notice that large amounts (from 500 000 RUR and more) are granted to borrowers upon presentation of earnings certificate and/or floating charge (vehicle, real estate certificates)

    Membership in Associations
    and Awards

    Vyruchai-Dengi is the member of the self regulating organization MIR (Micro-financing and Development) which unites the major micro-financing companies in Russia.

    • The best business start-up

      For the results of work in 2014 Association of young entrepreneurs of Russia (AYER) acknowledged Vyruchai-Dengi as the best business start-up in Russia.

    • Award winner
      “Golden Rouble”

      In November 2015 the Company became the award winner “Golden Rouble” in the nomination “social project of the year”

    • Award NAUMIR

      In November 2016 Vyruchai-Dengi became the award winner NAUMIR in the nomination “For contribution into regional development”

    International Management Team

    Vyruchai-Dengi has the international management team possessing years of experience operating in the financial sphere in Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Philippines and other countries. Stratigic management of the Company is performed by Petr Rasocha, Chairman of Board of Directors, experienced top manager and the banker with more than 20 years term in financial business.


    Petr Rasocha

    Chairman of Board of Directors

    Graduated from McMaster University (Hamilton, Canada) – Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Political Science. Supervised projects in the financial sector in Scotia Bank, GE Capital Bank, Citibank, TBIF Financial Services. He also worked in IBM, Sanoma и Bertelsmann Media. Work experience in the sphere of finance – over 20 years.

    Stanislav Pleskachevskiy

    Member of the Board

    Graduated from The State University of Management (economist-cybernetician) Dnepropetrovsk Academy of Management, Business Administration and Law (financial management). .
    For over 11 year has been working at the top positions in the sphere of finance of construction, banking and investment sectors of the economy

    Andrei Volokhov

    Member of the Board

    Graduated from St. Petersburg banking Institute, faculty “Anti-crises Management”. Got MBA Degree in Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman. Concentrates on work with troubled assets and debts receivable, companies financial position analysis and assessment of their credibility, as well as in assessment of investment projects.


    Member of the Board

    PhD in Economics with longstanding working experience in tax authorities in Russia, Russian Audit Chamber, Сentral Bank of the Russian Federation and others government entities. CEO of EtAp Ltd., CIS Investment Director for Fairdip Group, founder of Insurance Broker Insurance Technologies Ltd.


    Oleg Anischik

    Director General

    Got the higher education in the Law School. Was working at the position of the Development Director of M.B.A. Finance in the Russian Federation and Director General of M.B.A. Finance in Ukraine. Work experience in the sphere of finance – 6 years.

    Karel Lahman

    Operations director

    Got his Master’s degree in Univerzita Karlova in Prague. Worked in the line of project management in the real estate sector in the Central Europe (Real Estate Project management (Central Europe, CIS)). Work experience in the sphere of finance – 6 years.

    Elena Zubritskaya

    Chief Financial Officer

    Has the higher education in Accounting, Auditing and Analysis. Before was working on the position of the Chief Accountant of LLC Telekontact Bryansk, LLC Express-Art.Work experience in the sphere of finance – 2 years.

    Ksenia Golovacheva

    Director of Risk-Management Department

    For 4 year occupied position of the specialist of underwriting in HKF Bank. Work experience in the sphere of finance – 7 years.

    Oleg Khobotov

    Director of Sales, CFD

    Graduated from the Ural State Technical University – Institute of Public Administration and Entrepreneurship with a degree in Economics and Management Business. Worked at the top positions in the Ural Bank of Reconstruction and development, OAO CB Stroikredit, OAO OTP Bank.Work experience in the sphere of finance – 13 years.

    Andrei Lovtzevich

    Director of Sales, SFD

    Got the higher education in Banking and Finance in Sevastopol National Technical University. Worked in PJSC Ukrsibbank and JSC Commercial Bank RUBank heading the express crediting department. Work experience in the sphere of finance – 5 years.

    Viktoria Sotnikova

    Division Supervisor for Coordination Work with Key Partners

    Got higher education in the Crimea Engineering- Pedagogical University, specialisation – technologist, teaching engineer. Worked as the regional representative of EG Electronics in the Crimea.
    Work experience in the sphere of finance – 3 years

    Ekaterina Skanchenko

    Legal Adviser

    Educated in University of the Ministry of Interia, specialisation – Civil Law. Worked in Agricultural Holding, municipality, housing company.Work experience in the sphere of finance – 4 years.

    Andrei Sakhno

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Graduated from National Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR London, UK).
    Worked as financial journalist, later for over 10 years in international bank Groups in the Department of Marketing, advertising and PR.

    Andrian Gazhu

    HR Director

    Got higher education in economics, faculty – international economic relations. Worked in ProCredit Bank, recruiting company Pedersen & Partners and M.B.A. Empire Group. Work experience in the sphere of finance – 11 years.

    Yakub Raso

    Chief Information Officer

    Educated in the sphere of information technologies (IT networks, IT systems). Works in M.B.A. EMPIRE at the CIO (Chief Information Director) position. Work experience in the sphere of financial data security – 10 years.

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    Our approach

    Safety of investments

    For potential investors, the most important indicator is the reliability of investments. Vyruchai- Dengi is ready to ensure the safety of investments of investors, providing a collateral quality loan portfolio, the amount of return on which is 20-25% higher than the amount invested money.

    Return on investment

    We are ready to ensure the profitability of the funds invested in the development of our company at the level of 16-18% per annum. The level of profitability depends on several factors, such as the amount invested, the period during which money is invested, the way of capitalization and payment of interest and the body of debt. All these conditions are negotiated individually with each company that wants to invest in Vyruchai- Dengi.

    of investment

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    up to


    per annum




    The level of profitability depends on:

    • Amount of investement
    • investment term
    All conditions are negotiated individually with each company and investor who wish to invest in the company Vyruchai- Dengi

    Payment of interest:

    • monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Every six months
    • At the end of the term